Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We accept reservations and bookings under the following terms and conditions. We are a company registered under the Nepal Companies Act.

The terms and conditions outlined below for trip booking serve as a formal contract between our company and the service seeker/client, governing the basis of a reliable and mutually beneficial relationship and consent. This agreement also serves as the foundation for the services the business offers and guarantees to offer, as well as the client’s acceptance of these terms and conditions when using the business’s services for a predetermined amount of time.

Some Booking Conditions 

When you reserve the excursion, you should provide us with a copy of your foreign ID and a payment of 30% of the total cost. The 30% store credit cannot be refunded.

You can pay the remaining amount when you arrive in Kathmandu and before you leave for your hike or visit.

Cancellation Policy 

We acknowledge that unforeseen events can force you to cancel your appointment. To guarantee equity and openness, we have implemented the subsequent cancelation policy:

  • Cancellation 45 days or more in advance:
  • Refund: 85% of the total booking amount
  • Cancellation between 44 and 30 days in advance:
  • Refund: 70% of the total booking amount
  • Cancellation between 15 and 29 days in advance:
  • Refund: 50% of the total booking amount
  • Cancellation between 7 and 15 days in advance:
  • Refund: 30% of the total booking amount
  • Cancellation less than 7 days in advance:
  • Refund: 0% of the total booking amount

Please note that the refund percentages are only applicable if the cancellation is made within the previously indicated time frames and are based on the entire booking amount. We value your cooperation and understanding.

Payment Through Cards 

Visa Credit Card

Credit cards can be used to make direct bookings through the website. This is the simplest ordering method, providing an instant for your trip.

Banking Details

Risk and Responsibilities

Most trips to Nepal are organized by the strict rules and regulations set forth by the country’s top travel industry organization. We are not liable for any advancements or withdrawals of the trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as modifications to national policies, administrative lockdowns, natural disasters, unstable political environments, flight cancellations or postponements, illness or accident, vehicle malfunctions, and so forth. 

The clients are responsible for covering any additional costs resulting from these conditions. Travel protection is therefore strongly advised.

Postpone the Trip

We need to receive a written notification thirty days before the departure date of the expedition.

Should the trip to Nepal need to be postponed, a minimum of USD 150 will be charged as a current excursion crossing-out fee; the remaining amount will be applied to the postponed outing.

Travel Insurance 

To participate in any of our adventures, every one of our clients must have a comprehensive head-out protection kit. All medical expenses, personal accidents, emergency departures, trip cancellations, loss of equipment in a common disaster, and property damage must be covered by the insurance.

Our policy

In the unlikely event that you make a valid reservation for your adventure with us, our terms and conditions apply. You will be subject to their terms and restrictions if you reserve your trip with us through any third parties or experts.